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Experience concierge health care by a top rated New York board certified physician Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD who manage to provide traditional care while leveraging the latest technological advancements in a conveniently located Manhattan Primary Care medical practice.


2011 Patients Choice Award
2011 Patients Choice Award

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    Dr.Gafanovich is the best. She is so warm and wonderful. She really takes the time to speak to her patients and is very detailed in her explanations

    Liza Mortinelli

  • New York concierge doctor Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD is happy to offer high-end Primary Care service in her Upper East Side office. Concierge medicine is an answer to the challenges of today’s healthcare. It puts the patient in the driver’s seat. It gives New Yorkers control over their own health by providing the quality medical service that all patients deserve.

    Boutique Medical Care: Accessibility is the key

    Joining a boutique medical practice grants you the convenience of appointments Dr. Gafanovich, a top New York physician who is dedicated to providing quality care without the hassle. Dr. Gafanovich and her staff value your time and strive to provide an efficient and reliable service. Every staff member is knowledgeable and friendly. We call back in a timely fashion and we strive to answer your questions.

    If you’re like most patients in New York and across America, you’re probably wondering when medical care became so time-consuming. Why do patients have to block off an entire day, just to fit in a routine examination? Patients shouldn’t be calling their doctor’s office, only to learn that the next available appointment isn’t for six months. Patients shouldn’t be forced to wait by the phone, hoping that someone cancels, so that they can get an appointment within a reasonable amount of time. And, finally, patients shouldn’t be hurried out of their examinations without the opportunity to ask crucial questions about their medical care.

    There is a solution. It’s called concierge care.

    Originally called “direct care”, medical concierge service is not a brand new concept. It originated years ago when doctors were more focused on treating their patients, making house calls, and being accessible to their patients whenever an emergency arose. Many years ago, doctors had the responsibility to provide all of the medical care for their local patients. Today, we have the benefit of specialists, hospitals, and emergency facilities. But in the process, we have lost sight of the true focus of medicine: getting to know patients and making sure they are healthy.

    Today, concierge medicine has evolved into a separate area of medicine. Concierge physicians love the concept because they have more time available to treat each patient, making sure all of their questions are answered before they leave the office. Patients love the idea because they enjoy value-added services on top of their regular coverage, and they feel like they are a real patient and not a simply name on the chart. Concierge medicine improves the doctor-patient relationship by putting the patient’s health back into their own hands. They have the opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and tailor a plan for a healthy lifestyle.

    Top ranked NYC private physician

    Prominent New Yorkers need a prominent physician. Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD has been consistently named one of the leading NYC primary care doctors by a number of consumer review agencies. One glance at her patients’ reviews and testimonials, and you will see that she is one of the most frequetly reviewed concierge practitioners in New York City. She is affiliated with New York Presbyterian – one of the leading hospitals in the nation. Dr. Gafanovich has devoted her practice to providing expert care with a personalized approach.

    Whether you need a simple procedure or a routine physical, don’t put your health on hold because you are wrestling with appointment schedulers and jumping through insurance hoops. Concierge medicine is flexible and reliable, and allows you to get back to business quicker. If you are tired of wasting your time in waiting rooms and on the phone, give Dr. Gafanovich a call. See how soon concierge care can fit you in, and decide for yourself.

    We want to welcome you to healthcare like you have never had it before. It’s our job to make sure that you and your family are protected. Remember, concierge medical care is tailored to your needs. We invite you to give us a call and start to see the difference today.

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