Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is rapidly gaining traction among New Yorkers who are looking to establish a stronger doctor-patient relationship. Patients are beginning to experience a different kind of medical care – one where their a doctor spends quality time with them instead of rushing off to complete more paperwork or see the next in a long line of patients. In the distant past, concierge care was the preferred way to deliver medical advice and help. At that time, doctors were always ready to drop everything and tend to the needs of their patients. “Family doctors” had local practices, and they traveled to meet their patients, getting to know the people that they provided medical care for.

Unfortunately, insurance companies took hold as the population grew and healthcare was institutionalized. When this happened, patient-focused services simply died out. Suddenly, the doctor-patient relationship was merely a kind of a business arrangement. Fast in, fast out. But in recent years, as patients began to feel ignored, a new concept emerged. If doctors could get their patients to join a network that offered concierge services tailored to patients’ exact needs, then doctors could devote more one on one time to each patient.

Did you know that concierge medicine provides support around the clock? Yes, it’s true, and this care fits into the demanding lifestyles that so many of us live each day. The programs that we offer allow you to live a healthy life, and they are flexible and quick enough to get you back out there living that healthy life, instead of wasting it away in a waiting room. Executive physicals and concierge primary care are just two examples of the services we offer.


  • Top rated Manhattan Primary Care doctor
  • Same-day appointments
  • Comprehensive physical exams
  • Direct 24/7 access to the physician
  • Referrals to specialists

Have you ever felt that your doctor could not provide you with the care you needed? If you’re one of the patients who has felt this way, it is likely because your doctor is one of the many overbooked Primary Care providers. Concierge services eliminate the need to have to chase your doctor and try to fit yourself into his or her already overbooked slot. Dr. Gafanovich always has enough time to talk to you, and we provide same day appointments for our members. Imagine that! Same day appointments to accommodate your busy lifestyle. It’s possible, it’s true, and in many cases you will see the difference immediately.

Do you find that your current annual physicals leave something to be desired? Are you sure that you know as much as you can about your health? If you are like most busy people here in New York, your annual physical does not provide you with full information about your health. Concierge physician is willing to spend as much time as needed to uncover any potential issues with your health, in a friendly and comfortable environment. She will give you her attention and care.

Are you tired of fighting for your doctor’s attention? Are you fed up with calling to book an appointment and waiting on hold for hours, only to learn that the next available date isn’t for six months? If you are ready to take control of your health care with a doctor that has time to focus on you, you need expert concierge medical care. Concierge medicine allows your doctor-patient relationship to return to that of the good old days, when doctors actually cared about their patients and took the time to make sure all of their questions were answered. Join this movement to revitalize medical care, with a doctor that respects your time.