Frequently Asked Questions

Does an executive physical cost more than a traditional one?

The cost depends on what screenings and tests you require. We have various membership programs to accommodate the growing demand for concierge care among New York executives. Unlike a traditional annual physical, you will be able to schedule your appointment quickly, without waiting on the phone for hours, only to learn that the doctor is booking a six months ahead. Not only will our top rated physician will devote time to answer your questions during your examination, but she will also make sure to return patient phone calls in a timely manner.


Does my health plan cover the exam?

Some insurance plans may partly cover the exam. Our billing department will be happy to assist you to find out your eligibility and copay requirements.


How do I schedule a appointment for an executive physical?

It’s simple– call us during our business hours or book an appointment online using the ZocDoc scheduling service.


How long will the executive physical take?

Executive physical is not a fit-for-all program, but rather a custom tailored medical service. Dr. Gafanovich tailors her care to each patient to ensure every issue is addressed before you leave her office.


Why should I have a specialist consultation as part of my executive physical?

If deemed necessary, Dr. Gafanovich will refer to a specialist.


Does this include a full body MRI or CAT scan?

Full body scans are not included in most programs. The scans may be ordered if deemed necessary by your doctor.


Do I need to bring medical records?

We realize that you are a busy person. Please bring your past medical records if they are available.


When will I receive the results?

Certain results will be given at the end of your executive physical. Please allow up to 3 business days for most results to come back.


What should I do if I have to reschedule?

Please contact our front desk to re-schedule.