Across the country, patients are beginning to see that American preventative medicine lacks traditional care and attention. When there are so many excellent physicians in New York City that offer medical service, patients should be able to get personalized care. But many doctors simply do not have the time. What was your last experience with your primary care doctor? If you’re like most New Yorkers, you probably spent at least five times as much time waiting as you spent being seen by your doctor.

When your name is finally called, a nurse ushers you into the exam room. Most often, you actually spend more time with the nurse than with the doctor. Unfortunately for the patient, the most exciting part of the exam is when the doctor rushes in and reviews the chart. He or she then checks you quickly and leaves just as fast.

Is it worth it?

On the way home, you might find yourself wondering where we went wrong in the development of medical care.  It’s not your doctor’s fault. Doctors in New York City are stressed by the process as much as you are, because insurance companies tend to cut the coverage for Primary Care, thus pushing physicians to provide less care for more patients.

The physician’s office staff can become so overwhelmed with paperwork that they become less and less effective and friendly. Somehow, the entire system has shifted away from it’s original focus: caring for the patient.

Concierge medicine, sometimes called “direct care medicine” is a powerful answer to these concerns.

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