Running a business is a hard work. It takes a lot of time and dedication. Sometimes, when you are focused on your work, your healthcare can take a backseat. Our elite corporate health program is dedicated towards delivering the heath care without the hassles. We want to offer you the best medical service. Keeping yourself in good health will help you run a company that is healthy as well. We are able to create a plan for an entire corporation. That means the health of your employees and your own health as an executive or owner is in good hands.

Our focus is preventative medicine. Your employees will love that you offer them a comprehensive health exam. On the other hand, you will be ensuring that your employees are healthy enough to offer their best to your company. If needed, we will provide referrals to the best specialists. Dr. Gafanovich is eager to instill a healthy lifestyle in your colleagues that will help them lead healthier, more productive lives, both at home and in the office.

If you are looking for a corporate health program in New York, then you have come to the right place. Dr. Gafanovich has been consistently named a top Upper East Side primary care physician. Concentrate on business. She and her office will take care of your employees’ health.

Executive Health

Our executive health exams is an in depth physical check up. New York executives live a busy lifestyle and require highest standard of a healthcare. An executive physical is a great way to stay up-to-date with your health care without losing too much time from work. Your complete examination can diagnose potential issues before they are exacerbated. We are passionate about making sure your health is safe.

NYC boutique physician Marina Gafanovich truly believes in a personalized approach in Primary Care. An executive physical will be a stress-free experience. There’s no need to wait an extended period of time for an appointment – our services fit you in as soon as possible. Concierge medicine is focused on eliminating the waiting. There’s no need to waste a whole day just to fit in your health care – a dedicated business-friendly waiting room, flexible appointments, and a helpful staff await you.

Call us today and let us answer any questions that you have about the corporate and executive medical programs.