Meet The Doctor

Dr. Marina Gafanovich has been providing expert medical service to patients for many years. She is affiliated with one of the top hospitals in the country and she is recognized for her outstanding work. Dr. Gafanovich is a #1 ranked internist in New York City and has been recognized as such by,, and more. Both her patients and her colleagues agree that she provides her patients with precise advice and expert care.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from New York University, she continued on to receive her medical degree from the Sackler School of Medicine in 2002. After completing her internal medicine residency, she then worked as an attending physician providing direct inpatient care at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY. She then opened her private practice on the Upper East Side in New York City. Now, her patients recognize her as one of the best NYC primary care providers in Upper East Side, as they see that she is dedicated to providing excellent care. She has attending rights with New York Presbyterian Hospital, which is recognized as one of the best hospitals in America.

Dr. Gafanovich maintains the philosophy that a level of trust has to exist in order for healing to occur. Providing the best healthcare service is a priority, and Dr. Gafanovich and her staff want to make a difference in your life. Not all NYC doctors are the same, and of course their level of expertise and the quality of their services is not the same as well. Dr. Gafanovich not only has the proper training and skills, but she has the bedside manner to go along with it. Most New Yorkers will find this refreshing; it’s hard to understand this philosophy if you have never been treated by a doctor who makes their patients their primary concern.

Too often doctors focus on treating the cold or disease without considering other factors that lead up to it. Many diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are not only linked genetically to a person; they are also linked to the way they live. Dr. Gafanovich works with patients to identify the stress factors that cause unhealthy habits that lead to serious diseases. She educates patients not only on how to live a healthy life but also how to enjoy life. Humanistic living is primary focus of her practice. Her patients appreciate having a top ranked and respected doctor improve not just their health, but their lifestyle.

The minute you meet your doctor, you will begin to understand why so many people are excited about coming here. Dr. Gafanovich is a respected and educated physician in the NYC area, and she is available to see you as a patient.